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1/25/2005 3:00:00 AM EASTERN
Updated: 9/15/2005 11:08:53 AM EASTERN
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Navigation Technology for Knee Surgery
Floyd Medical Center has installed the Stryker surgical navigation system for total knee replacement surgery. Floyd is the first hospital in the region to use this new computer-assisted devise that allows for minimally invasive knee surgery. It is the most advanced system of its kind in northwest Georgia.

The Stryker surgical navigation system promises to shorten hospitalizations, lead to fewer post-operative complications and improve knee joint stability. The technology improves accuracy, greatly enhances the ability to restore range of knee function and return patients to normal activity.

The Stryker system uses an infrared camera and markers along with unique instrument tracking software to continually monitor the position and mechanical alignment of implant components relative to the patient’s knee anatomy. Wireless instruments send data pertaining to the knee movement to a computer, which analyzes and displays movement data for the surgeon. Using this information the surgeon can determine optimum angles, lines and measurements needed to align the prosthetic knee with the patient.

The new system eliminates the need for pre-operative x-rays or CT scans and leads to shorter hospitalizations, fewer post-operative complications and improved joint stability. The Stryker Navigation system also has application in trauma, spine, hip, neurosurgery and ear, nose and throat surgeries.

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